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R.T. fresh is a family company engaged in the production and export of agricultural produce. The company was founded 30 years ago by the father of the family. We specialize in growing and packaging of fresh crops The cultivation areas are spread over about one hundred hectare of fields and greenhouses in the western Negev region of Israel. The crops are adjusted to the land and climate conditions in our area, under the supervision of the house agronome.
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see the colors, feel the mood, the nature and the freshness.
Israel: ‘Intense tomatoes’ to be harvested The first crop of locally grown non-leaking tomatoes are to be harvested about a month from now, Rami Trabelsi, a farmer from Moshav Tekuma in the Western Negev, told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday. http://www.jpost.com/Home/Article.aspx?id=184115
Israeli exports grow 11,250 fold in 62 years : According to data releaed by Israel Export Institute ahead of Independence Day, 2009 saw 67.5$ billion in exports compared with 6$ million in 1948
Youngsters and peppers as snack. In Germany peppers are very often found in salads. Six out of every ten customers sometimes eat peppers as a snack. German youngsters more often than older persons. Also households with children eat peppers as a snack more often than the average
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